What is our mission?

Clear the Streets- Back-To-School Campaign

Offering Psycho-Social assistance to street children.

Offering vocational skills ( such as Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Computer lessons, Tailoring and Carpentry) to street children above school age or those who cannot go back to school.

Providing accommodation to street children who roam the streets in cities due to poverty or orphanage.

Rescuing street girls from forced prostitution due to poverty as most of them are forced to sleep with men or boys in order to receive help.


Rescuing street children from drug and substance abuse which result due to bad companies on the streets.

Offering education support to street kids as a way of securing a brighter future for them and the nation in general by paying for their fees and giving them basic necessities

Sensitising the general public on how to show love and care to street children or even adopt some to live with.

Girls’ Pride Project

This is a skills development project where we recruit girls and women especially in rural areas who are trained in reusable sanitary pads making for personal use and for selling. Through this project we impart skills on these ladies to help support their daily livelihoods. These skills training are done for 6 months after which they are given certificates of completion and starter packs to start their own pad making business. These starter packs include; 1sewing machine, embroidery, 1 scissor and 5metres clothes.

Girls’ Pride Scholarship

We offer scholarships to hardworking needy girls in public schools as a way of helping them achieve their dreams. These scholarships are provided after a rigorous selection process which is overseen by the District Education Managers (DEM) to assure quality control.

Pride Mothers Fund

This a fund specially designed to help single mothers and less privileged mothers in business management and funding. These mothers are given loans based on their business proposals which are design with the help of Pride Initiative Officers after three weeks of rigorous business and financial management training. These loans are gives at a minimal interest rate of 6% per annum. The aim of this fund is to help women to be economically independent and also to help in educating their children.









We believe that all humans were created equal and all have potential to achieve greatly.

Transparency & Honesty

We believe in being open and honest in our operations as we affect human populations.


We are definite and reliable in our operations.